da15 domestic waste disposal in sidcupLiving in Sidcup

Sidcup is situated in the South East of London in the Borough of Bexley. It is in the postal area of DA14, DA15 and SE9. It is nearby to Bromley, BR1 and Greenwich, SE10. There are a number of areas of interest in Sidcup, including the exquisite manor houses. The Frognal House is one of such houses and was the residence of Thomas Townshend. The Sidcup Parish is another landmark of the area, which was originally known as Foots Cray. It was renamed back in 1925. The area of Sidcup has been made famous through its mention in two plays, which were the Relative Values and The Caretaker. It was also mentioned in the TV series, Porridge. Sidcup has been the home of many famous faces, including Kate Bush, a singer and songwriter, Garry Bushell, a journalist, who currently resides in Sidcup and Quentin Blake, the illustrator and artist. You never know who you may bump into with a visit to this part of the world!

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