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Call Handy Rubbish and we will help you get the best deal on our Smithfield, B5 rubbish removal services. You can book a rubbish collection appointment in Smithfield for a time and date of your liking and we’ll customise a package to fit your need perfectly. These will guarantee a great price for you too, as you only pay for the services we perform, with no unnecessary fees or extras.

B5 Rubbish Disposal Smithfield

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We are known across B5 for offering the best value for money and you too can take advantage of our Smithfield waste disposal services and even a special discount if you act now. We will carefully shift everything out of your B5 property and take it on our vans, giving you an end-to-end waste collection Smithfield, B5. We dispose of rubbish legally and correctly, so you can relax and be confident when we handle the job. To find out more and get your free estimate, call 0121 794 8242 now.

Smithfield, B5 Rubbish Removal Made Simple

If your look around your home or workplace you are likely to find some clutter and unwanted items. This junk can take up space or ruin the look and atmosphere of the room. You can have lots of junk or just a bit, whether it's formerly useful items that have been replaced or rubbish that has built up over a short period. Whatever you have, B5 rubbish disposal can be a lot of work and take a while to complete properly. Things can be made easy with the help of Handy Rubbish. Call us on 0121 794 8242 and we can perform effective waste removal Smithfield and get rid of all of your rubbish.

List of services we provide in Smithfield, B5

  • Household Rubbish Clearance Smithfield, B5
  • Commercial Rubbish Disposal Smithfield, B5
  • Building Waste Removal Smithfield, B5
  • Garden Rubbish Removal Smithfield, B5
  • Electronic Waste Collection Smithfield, B5
  • Garage Clearance Smithfield, B5

The Best Help for the Best Smithfield Waste Removal Results

We can collect all manner of rubbish as part of our waste clearance B5 service. No matter what junk you have and no matter how much there is, we can collect and dispose of it. We have team with ample experience who will handle the entire job for you and make sure it is done well. We guarantee a fast response and full support - book with one call to 0121 794 8242 today.

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We are serious about recycling and will take every necessary step to ensure that we do this for all rubbish we collect during your waste clearance. Typical rubbish removal jobs can produce large amounts of junk to be disposed of. This has to be dealt with and recycling is the best option. It prevents things from being dumped or buried and will create something new. We will recycle almost all of what we collect from you and ensure that everything is handled legally and properly. We work with people to ensure that we recycle things well and the environment does not suffer from your Smithfield rubbish clearance B5. By hiring us you can help the earth as well as get rid of your waste.


Had too much clutter, got their workers to take away some rubbish and they offered me the cheapest rubbish clearance service in B5. Came to Smithfield, cleared the clutter and left me a very happy customer. Thanks!

- Reviewed by Phoebe L.

b5 commercial clearance in smithfieldLearn Something about Smithfield

Smithfield is an inner-city district and part of Birmingham. It uses the B5 postcode and is south-east of the markets at Bull Ring. There is a prominent shopping area here, a railway station and a cinema. The Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum is also close by. Small Heath, Sparkhill and Smethwick are nearby areas. A manor house once stood here, belonging to the De Birmingham family. Smithfield Market was once a popular feature of the area, before becoming the Bull Ring market. Development is planned for the Smithfield district to add new features and improve existing ones.

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