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Are your floorboards creaking under the weight of waste? Does your garden resemble a junk yard and not a tranquil outdoor spot? Is your attic festering with forgotten rubbish? If so, Handy Rubbish is at your service. We specialise in Queslett waste clearance B43 which can include rotting food waste, green garden waste, and packaging. Anything that can’t fit (or isn’t suitable) in a domestic trashcan we can take off your soiled hands. We help homeowners with all their rubbish removal Queslett B43 needs. We are a local company with a caring approach to tidying the houses of our near neighbours. Join forces with us as we prepare to battle waste!

Rubbish Disposal in Queslett

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Caring for our planet takes dedication from the many. It isn’t a process that can be rushed, nor can we expect results overnight. However, small changes add up to making a big difference, and at our Queslett B43 rubbish clearance company we are proud to be doing our bit to help the natural world. Recycling is a large part of what we do, and all waste removal B43 is subject to scrutiny. We are careful to separate all waste collected so that it is directed to the right recycling plant. We recycle a high proportion of garbage and aim to meet our yearly targets. If you’d like to know more, a member of our team would be happy to discuss this with you on 0121 794 8242.

Count the Ways Our Queslett Waste Clearance Company Can Help

When you call 0121 794 8242 with your waste woes, you will discover there are many advantages to hiring a waste collection company like ours. We will get rid of the waste from homes in Queslett and create space again. All of our Queslett waste collection experts use eco-friendly distribution practices to minimise the impact on the environment. We will freshen up and cleanse homes of decaying waste and mould build-up and turn a dangerous space into a safe haven. Let us make the local streets a pleasing place by removing overflowing and split bin. Rubbish can quickly accumulate until it becomes a health and safety hazard. We aren’t here to pass judgment. We are simply here to offer our expert rubbish disposal Queslett to you when you need us.

List of services we provide in Queslett, B43

  • Household Rubbish Clearance Queslett, B43
  • Commercial Rubbish Disposal Queslett, B43
  • Building Waste Removal Queslett, B43
  • Garden Rubbish Removal Queslett, B43
  • Electronic Waste Collection Queslett, B43
  • Garage Clearance Queslett, B43

Lighten the Load with our Expert Rubbish Disposal Services in Queslett

Our team of angelic office staff are poised on the end of a mouthpiece to help resolve your Queslett waste disposal needs. Just by calling 0121 794 8242 you’ve already made a step in the right direction to ridding your property of unwanted garbage. What’s more, we offer a free estimate so you really do have nothing to lose by contacting us. No two customer enquiries are identical so we always listen carefully to assess the scale of your job and how best to tackle it within your timeframe and budget. Never think your rubbish collection job is too challenging for us to handle. We’re equipped for any challenge you pass our way!


The prices for rubbish clearance in Queslett are reasonable. The team in B43 are easy to work with and very friendly. Would use them again!

- Reviewed by Georgia L.

b43 industrial waste collection in queslettTake a Trip Down Memory Lane

The humble woodpigeon is believed to have given Queslett its unusual sounding name which was originally registered as Quieslade. The former hamlet was situated within the parish of Handsworth and came under the manor of Perry in the 1800s. An intriguing set of moonstones were carved and set in the 1990s to commemorate eight members of the former Lunar Society. Each stone shows a different phase of the moon’s cycle. Today the area is part of Great Barr with private residences first springing up in the 1930s. The area now forms good links to Sutton Coldfield and West Bromwich.

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