e14 junk clearance in blackwallWhat Does Blackwall Have to Offer?

Found in Tower Hamlets, Blackwall is an area in the east end of London. With access to the water as well as the roads, it is a popular way in and out of the city and many people who enter via the east will be familiar with what Blackwall can offer. Nearby, places such as Poplar, Bethanl Green, Mile End and Bow offer destinations passing through the area, as well as being a great place for residents to visit. As well as these places, Spitalfields market, the isle of dogs and Shadwell offer an increased incentive for many people to visit this area of London. When thinking about transport, the famous Blackwall tunnel is an often used route from the A1261 into the east of London. As well as having this access via the road, there are a number of stations in the area, such as Westferry, island gardens and poplars being linked to the overground train network known as the DLR. With regards to the history of the area, it  was once home to the Blackwall Yard, whose Thames Ironworks and Shipbuilding Company provided a great  deal of industry and  employment for the area and London in general.


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