sw13 waste clearance in castelnauWhat Exactly Sets Castelnau Apart?

On the south of the River Thames, Castelnau is situated in the south west area of London. In the borough of Richmond and with a postcode of SW13, much of the area is dedicated to conservation and parkland, as well as being in close proximity to many of the roads that provides access to the city from the west. The history of the name derives from the Occitan language, where the words cat be translated as new castle, while also taking cues from similarly named French castles. Because of this, the area is noted for the historical and cultural importance, meaning that those with more than a passing interest will want to visit and take in what the area has to offer. Those who are thinking about public transport in the area will be happy to know that the large number of London buses passing through the city can are available at all hours of the day. Having access to the district line is the best way in which to get from the west to the east with many stops along the way.


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