nw5 furniture clearance in gospel oakGospel Oak, a beautiful place that is full of history

Knowing that the name of a place refers to an actual object remembered in the history. The oak tree upon which the name Gospel Oak is based was a real plant, and was used as a point of religious meetings in the past, a place from which preachers could tell stories of the gospel to the local farming community, and act as a sort of open air church. It is not dissimilar to speakers corner in Hyde Park, though that has a less clerical position in terms of the subjects talked over. The oak tree disappeared in the 1800s, and was replanted by the celebrity Michael Palin, though the new tree did not survive. History aside, the area is a lovely place to live, served by the Gospel oak over ground line, it is well connected as well. It is part of the Borough of Camden, and is situated at the southern point of Hampstead Heath. This makes it part of a very well-loved and sought after part of the city where some celebrities live in. The result is an area full of extremely nice bars and restaurants, but with massively inflated house prices.

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