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Many companies make that claim, but we have what it takes to prove it. We have been in this business for more than ten years and our team have the experience and knowledge to back you up. Simply calling 0121 794 8242 and contacting Handy Rubbish is all it takes to pull off the perfect Gosta Green rubbish removal job. If that is what you are looking for, then you need not worry at all, as we can be there for you all the way! We offer a huge variety of rubbish disposal services in B7 at affordable prices. We currently have special offers and great discounts so call us now before they are gone!

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Well for starters we can offer you a lot more than you could work on alone when you are struggling with waste removal in Gosta Green, B7. This is a difficult job, so making sure you have professional help by your side will give you a fighting chance to make the job easier than it would be otherwise. As long as you need us, we are there for you any day of the week, as we offer affordability and professionalism you can count on. You can always trust us, because we have the tools and experience to meet any Gosta Green waste collection challenge. We will handle all your rubbish removal chores, big or small.

We Have Are the Best Offers on Rubbish Removal in Gosta Green, B7

There are many items that can be easily recycled, from glass, through paper, metal and so much more. We make it our priority to recycle first and foremost and then move on to the actual waste disposal B7 part of the job. It makes for a complete service that addresses every bit of the job and gives you a chance to enjoy your Gosta Green rubbish clearance B7 job without having to spend a lot of money. All you need to do is call 0121 794 8242 and hire Handy Rubbish. We will be there for you every step of the way. Reduce your carbon footprint by hiring the right professionals in Gosta Green!

List of services we provide in Gosta Green, B7

    • Household Rubbish Clearance Gosta Green, B7
    • Commercial Rubbish Disposal Gosta Green, B7
    • Building Waste Removal Gosta Green, B7
    • Garden Rubbish Removal Gosta Green, B7
    • Electronic Waste Collection Gosta Green, B7
    • Garage Clearance Gosta Green, B7

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The best and actually simplest part of saving money with our company is that you will be able to find incredible balance between quality of service and price. Get in touch with us on 0121 794 8242 for a free quote and we will give you the information you need to figure out the best way to save money using our services. Do that and your waste clearance in Gosta Green will be easier than ever, allowing you to take care of other priorities you may be going for during that time of your life other than rubbish clearance. Enjoy your free space at home by hiring us! Take advantage of our money-saving deals and we guarantee that you will be impressed with the results!


I still can’t believe how quickly the team completed my waste clearance, it was genuinely like magic. Hope others in B7 will benefit from their excellent service. Paid the cheapest price for such a service in Gosta Green!

- Reviewed by Violet

b7 home clearance in gosta greenExploring Gosta Green

Gosta Green is an area of Birmingham located on the edge of the city centre – at a 10 minutes' walk from Birmingham New Street station. It is home to Aston Science Park and Aston University campus. One can also find themselves visiting the great local pubs, specifically the Gosta Green located on Great Lister Street and the humorously named “The Sacks of Potatoes” close to Aston Street. One of the best things about Gosta Green, however, remains the fact that the place has an aesthetic charm that is a sight to behold. One can take a walk around the area and see a lot of the best it has to offer.

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