n8 garden furniture clearance in harringayLiving Life in Wonderful Harringay

Harringay is a residential area that can be found in the London Borough of Haringey. Harringay is perhaps most famous for its fantastic high street, which offers amazing and unique shopping experiences that can only be found in Harringay. From shops that have been there for decades to newer-builds, there’s a lot to be discovered, if you enjoy shopping until you drop! The area was well-known as a place in which to escape the business of Central London, with lots of greenery and park spaces. Nowadays, Harringay may be a little more developed, but almost a quarter of the area is open-space. Some of the best all-natural places to visit include Finsbury Park, the Railway Fields Local Nature Reserve, the New River Path and Ducketts Common. There are also many award-winning gardens and sights of beauty to be discovered, if you have a horticultural or historic interest. It doesn’t matter what your passions are – Harringay is sure to please the whole family!

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