Rubbish Removal Hillingdon UB8

Offering House Clearance Services in the Hillingdon area means that we hold a wide range of UB8 rubbish clearance services that include furniture removal, waste disposal and other domestic clearance services. We often want to buy a new sofa or a new dining table and yet we’re left with the mammoth task of shifting the furniture that we don’t actually want. Sometimes we think of sticking it online either on Amazon or eBay to sell, and whilst that may be a great idea, we may not always have the time to be able to do that because we need to shift the things fast.

UB8 Waste Removal Hillingdon

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Handy Rubbish can help you with every kind of waste removal in Hillingdon, UB8. We specialize in such circumstances and are able to offer Hillingdon waste clearance at a very short notice! Call us today on 020 3540 8282 to discover more about what we are able to offer!

Hillingdon Waste Clearance Services: Available to Hire by Acclaimed Experts

Ranging from furniture clearance to services such as ad hoc Hillingdon, UB10 rubbish removal, old furniture, as well as things like compulsive hoarding which is something that we can all suffer from time to time. Our teams at Handy Rubbish are adept and experienced combining numerous years of experience between them to make sure that all your rubbish disposal UB8 needs are met.

List of services we provide in Hillingdon, UB8

  • Household Rubbish Clearance Hillingdon, UB8
  • Commercial Rubbish Disposal Hillingdon, UB8
  • Building Waste Removal Hillingdon, UB8
  • Garden Rubbish Removal Hillingdon, UB8
  • Electronic Waste Collection Hillingdon, UB8
  • Garage Clearance Hillingdon, UB8

Take Advantage of Our Amazing UB8 Rubbish Removal Services

If you think that you possess anything worth of commercial value, we are most happy to carry out a chattel valuation and send it off to an auction house to be able to make you a bit of money. We have all our rates based online and you are able to book online too, if you prefer to do so. We also offer incredible waste collection services in Hillingdon, if you are looking for a quick move for all your freezers, fridges, washing machines and any dishwashers you may have.

Hire Our Expert Hillingdon Waste Disposal Services and Enjoy Your Free Time

All our prices are very affordable and we can most definitely work on a budget! Call us today on 020 3540 8282 and find out how we are able to help you with every kind of Hillingdon waste disposal UB8 you need!


TestimonialsThe builders waste collection job in Hillingdon was far cheaper than expected. I was amazed when they gave me the quote, and even more so when they stuck to it. There's no need to even think about skip hire with this company operating in the vicinity.

  • W. Fuller
  • 12Jun 2021

TestimonialsI switched to this waste removal service from my previous UB8 one initially due to the prices being cheaper, but their team just finished up the first job, and they were wonderful.

  • Eunice Freeman
  • 13May 2021

TestimonialsIf you are looking for a reliable rubbish removal company, these guys are the best choice and the cheapest in Hillingdon too. I would happily hire them again.

  • Molly H.
  • 01Feb 2021

TestimonialsI chucked out more junk than I'd initially planned on doing. A lot of other rubbish removal firms in UB8 would've turned around and gone away, or hiked up their prices. Thankfully, this company did nothing of the sort, were happy to proceed. I very much appreciated the service.

  • F. Marshall
  • 01Dec 2020

TestimonialsI got my rubbish disposal needs in UB8 sorted with Handy Rubbish for a great price. I couldn't have asked for a better service. Couldn't have asked for anything more.

  • O. Greening
  • 22Oct 2020

TestimonialsWe are redecorating our Hillingdon flat and hired these guys to handle waste removal. They have affordable rates and did a good job. I would hire them again and recommend them to friends.

  • F. Kramer
  • 14May 2020

TestimonialsHandy Rubbish had really competitive prices, and I had to engage them for their rubbish removal services in Hillingdon UB8. They were simply the best.

  • Priscilla R.
  • 07Feb 2020

TestimonialsI have used this rubbish removal firm a few times in the past. They are very good at what they do and have better rates than many of their Hillingdon competitors. I would most certainly recommend their services.

  • Nico F.
  • 27Nov 2019

TestimonialsHandy Rubbish's waste disposal service did a number on that massive waste pile I had in the back. Very appreciative. My lot in Hillingdon is now able to be used now!

  • Audrey B.
  • 11Oct 2019

TestimonialsThey have been accommodating and polite with us in waste collection in Hillingdon UB8, even when a last-minute change in plans made an alteration necessary. Really pleased with their service.

  • Lucas
  • 26Jul 2019

TestimonialsThanks and well done for the wonderful services you provided to us at Hillingdon the other time. Expect another waste clearance job from us soon.

  • James
  • 30May 2019

TestimonialsHandy Rubbish is in our good book because of their industry and efficiency. In the whole of UB8 area, they are the best rubbish clearance service.

  • Joyce
  • 27Feb 2019

TestimonialsCannot thank Handy Rubbish and their great rubbish disposal team in Hillingdon UB8 enough. Very glad I chose them! Cost-effective, swift and reliable!

  • Charles M.
  • 14Feb 2016

ub9 decluttering service around ub10Hillingdon – Middlesex’s Green Park

Hillingdon is a suburban area based in London Borough of Hillingdon that comprises of the postcodes of UB8, UB9 and UB10. Situated 14 miles from Charing Cross, it was an ancient parish of Middlesex that originally included the market town of Uxbridge. Stemming from the old name Hilledone, literally meaning hill of man named Hille. Hillingdon is famous for its A40 route which is also known as Western Way, which meant that the A40 led to the closure of Hillingdon Tube Station which was reopened in 1994, south of the line and won an award for the best tube station on the Underground network. This area has a myriad of primary schools that serve most of the surrounding areas such as Ruislip, Uxbridge, Eastcote, Ickenham, West Ruislip, West Drayton, Pinner and North Harrow. Transport links are excellent with Hillingdon Tube Station ,being served by the Metropolitan lines, as well as the Piccadilly and the bus route of U2 serves Uxbridge station and Brunel University. This area also has a few notable residents that include actor Michael Anderson and Tony Tanner. Most of the area is surrounded by greenery and has a number of beautiful parks that are in the vicinity.

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