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Here at Handy Rubbish we often ask ourselves: 'why would anyone choose a lower quality Ponders End EN1 rubbish clearance service, especially when you can get top quality for such great rates?' So far we haven't been able to fathom out the answer, and try as we might as there are still people in Ponders End who are choosing to pay more and getting rubbish service. However, if that's something you'd like to avoid, then we'd highly recommend coming to the best Ponders End rubbish disposal EN1, which just so happens to be us. It won't cost you more, but it will be better quality. Don't settle for less than the best! When it comes to waste clearance in EN1 call 020 3540 8282.

EN3 Rubbish Disposal in Ponders End

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With all of the different receptacles for the various forms of waste (plastic, glass, food etc.), it can make the process of recycling seem more complex than it needs to be. It's no wonder, therefore, that so many people continue to just throw their rubbish in the bin without a second thought, potentially causing years worth of damage to the environment. But if you live in Ponders End and want a simple way to recycle, then come to us at Handy Rubbish. With our professional Ponders End rubbish removal service, we'll take the hassle out of recycling. Just let us do your clearance, and we can reuse at least 85% of the junk we collect. With our professional services, recycling has never been easier.

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There's one thing our team all have in common, and that's the fact that they are all passionate about putting our customers first and making sure they have a top class experience when they hire us for waste disposal Ponders End EN1. Our team are all qualified, highly experienced and fully vetted, making them experts in rubbish collection, yet it's their desire to help people that really sets them apart from other professionals in Ponders End. Our team are willing to go above and beyond to make sure our customers are happy, so if there's anything you need, all you have to do is call on 020 3540 8282 and we'll find a way to help. We know you won't find better service anywhere else in EN1 or EN3.

List of services we provide in Ponders End, EN1

  • Household Rubbish Clearance Ponders End, EN1
  • Commercial Rubbish Disposal Ponders End, EN1
  • Building Waste Removal Ponders End, EN1
  • Garden Rubbish Removal Ponders End, EN1
  • Electronic Waste Collection Ponders End, EN1
  • Garage Clearance Ponders End, EN1

The Simple Route to A Clutter-free Home is to Hire Our Ponders End Waste Clearance Company

If you are looking for a professional waste removal Ponders End service, whether it's EN1 or EN3 you're based, then we can offer the perfect solution, especially if you're on a tight budget, because our great rates and special offers make us the most affordable service around. Our Ponders End waste collection services are not only the best quality in the area, they are also the best value, and we are committed to spreading the word, to make sure that everyone in the local area can afford the top class quality we believe they deserve. So if you'd like to access a highly affordable service without compromising on quality, give us a call on 020 3540 8282 today and speak to the experts.


TestimonialsThe help offered by this company near me in Ponders End was exactly what you want when you're having rubbish clearance work done at your property!

  • Neal A.
  • 18Aug 2021

TestimonialsThe prices charged by this junk clearance firm made us stand up and take notice. In other words, they were fair and affordable, so we booked them to head out to our residence in EN1 where they performed the perfect clearance.

  • M. Ross
  • 01Jul 2021

TestimonialsThis Ponders End waste collection service was hired to help clear out the back garden of our new flat. The crew arrived first thing in the morning, and they went right to work. The garden was clutter-free before we knew it. I would happily recommend Handy Rubbish.

  • Sammy F.
  • 27May 2021

TestimonialsThey took care of my waste removal job in Ponders End within a few hours of me enquiring. Everything went brilliantly. I had absolutely no complaints.

  • D. Bellamy
  • 23Feb 2021

TestimonialsThis is one friendly bunch of waste removal experts! We've had them here in EN1 twice, and believe me, their professionalism is not a fluke, it's just how they operate daily! Great lads, a pleasure to have on the property.

  • Kenny Childs
  • 13Jan 2021

TestimonialsGood flat clearance companies in Ponders End are few and far between, so when a colleague recommended Handy Rubbish, I was thrilled to find one that someone else had had a good experience with. Brilliant job is done swiftly and for a reasonable price.

  • Linda Shaw
  • 16Nov 2020

TestimonialsHandy Rubbish did a great garden waste clearance on our property in EN1. They even left it nice and tidy. All of which made it ready for the landscapers. Highly recommend.

  • Sean Wilson
  • 27Aug 2020

TestimonialsHandy Rubbish is a reliable waste removal company from Ponders End that we booked for both our residential and business clearances and will book again.

  • D. M.
  • 21Aug 2020

TestimonialsI have used Handy Rubbish' rubbish removal services on several different occasions. They always send out more than the competent crew and have very reasonable prices. Definitely one of the best in the EN1 area.

  • Harry P.
  • 14Jan 2020

TestimonialsThese guys did a junk clearance at my parents' cottage in EN1. They did a terrific job and were quite affordable. I would recommend the services of Handy Rubbish.

  • Tori J.
  • 30Oct 2019

TestimonialsMust commend Handy Rubbish on the extraordinary quality of their builders waste removal service in EN1. Now we can relax and enjoy our new home.

  • Simone and Gregory
  • 06Aug 2019

TestimonialsI hired Handy Rubbish because of the quality garden waste clearance service, in Ponders End EN1. They were recommended to me. The service was professionally done, and the price was low.

  • Josie Banham
  • 01Aug 2019

TestimonialsUsing Handy Rubbish for waste clearance in Ponders End was an excellent decision... their crew did an excellent job and were a pleasure to work with. I'd not hesitate in sending my business their way again.

  • Brett J.
  • 22May 2019

TestimonialsNot always easy to find good quality service in EN1, especially at affordable rates, but if you're after waste removal these guys are the answer. Great company based in Ponders End who really looks after their customers!

  • Paul Clare
  • 09Jan 2017

en1 trash collection services in ponders endKeeping Busy in Ponders End

Located in the north of London, and part of the borough of Enfield, Ponders End is home to Wright's Flour Mill, which is the oldest fully functioning industrial building in the borough, and remains a family owned business, providing flour across the globe. There is also a stream nearby, and the River Lea which joins the Thames further into London proper. Other historical attractions include the Ponders End Pumping Station, which is a now home to a restaurant. The area is well served by local travel links, and has its own rail station and a number of bus routes connecting it to the city centre. Nearest areas are Brimsdown, Edmonton and Chingford.

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