sw19 WEEE disposal companies in southfieldsWhat to Expect from Life in Southfields

Southfields is located in the Borough of Wandsworth and is under the postal codes of SW18 and SW19. Southfields is nearby to Wimbledon and is 9km from Charing Cross in WC2. There are many areas of interest in Southfields, which make it a popular location for both visitors and residents. The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum is one such place, as is the Wimbledon Sprinkler Park. The popular Frame Foods Company was opened in Southfields and later converted into flat. There was also the famous Ault and Wiborg printing ink factory which was based in Southfields. There has been a number of famous people who have reigned from the area of Southfields, including Jimmy White, who is a successful English snooker player. The comedian Paul Merton also lived in Southfields and David Blunkett, the Labour MP and former Home Secretary. Southfields is a popular place to stay for those attending Wimbledon tournaments.

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