Rubbish Removal Southside B5

One call to Handy Rubbish on 0121 794 8242 and you will have the best Southside, B5 rubbish removal team by your side. Our team will be able to handle any junk you have at your home or office, removing every item carefully, safely and quickly. We will take everything away from your place to be disposed of, doing all the work while you sit back and enjoy watching your waste go away.

B5 Waste Removal Southside

Book Cheap Rubbish Clearance Service in Southside

We take all measures needed to ensure that our Southside waste removal service is performed properly, with all clutter being taken care of legally and properly. But that’s not all – we will work for you at a bargain price too, saving you not only a lot of effort but money as well. Get the rubbish collection solution in B5 area that matches your needs to the letter! Pay only for what we do and not a penny extra! We guarantee the best deal for you and huge savings as well. Our B5 waste collection packages are affordable, we work quickly and effectively and we are just one call away. Get in touch now and get a real bargain!

Your Southside, B5 Rubbish Removal Jobs Made Easy

If you have ever tried to clear the clutter in your home and organise a waste disposal  B5 then you know about all the work that has to be done. You can be stuck sorting through items for a long time, putting them in bags and boxes, tearing and breaking up items into smaller pieces and then disposing of them. If you have decided on recycling then you will have even more work. Whatever the reason why you have a lot of waste at your place in Southside, you will have your work cut out for you, but not if you call 0121 794 8242 now. You will speak with an expert from Handy Rubbish and we will help with all aspects of rubbish disposal Southside and do the work for you.

List of services we provide in Southside, B5

  • Household Rubbish Clearance Southside, B5
  • Commercial Rubbish Disposal Southside, B5
  • Building Waste Removal Southside, B5
  • Garden Rubbish Removal Southside, B5
  • Electronic Waste Collection Southside, B5
  • Garage Clearance Southside, B5

What We’ll Do for Your Southside Waste Removal

We do a wide range of jobs and perform multiples services to give you all the help you need with rubbish clearance Southside, B5. We provide fast results and flexible services to give you what you need.

We Provide Green B5 Waste Collection Support

Disposing of rubbish can harm the environment. If things are thrown away in landfills, that will cause damage to the earth. Making new items to replace this junk also causes negative effects. We avoid this though as you will find out when you call 0121 794 8242. We will recycle more than 85% of the items we get in B5 as part of our rubbish collection service so that you can feel at ease with getting rid of junk. We will make sure nothing is buried or dumped, and that things are turned into something useful. Our Southside waste clearance service B5 is green and we work with local organizations to ensure that we get the best results for the environment.


The waste disposal service in B5 was super affordable, considering the work they had to do. Swiftly and efficiently, that’s how they did the work in Southside.

- Reviewed by Graham N.

b5 home clearance in southsideYour Guide to Southside

Southside is the name recently given to the Birmingham’s city centre. It utilises the B5 postcode. This is a vibrant and diverse area, and the heart of the city. The Hippodrome Theatre can be found here and it has stood for over one-hundred years. The area includes the city's Gay Village, a LGBT neighbourhood established in 2009 that hosts many stores, clubs and restaurants. The Chinese Quarter is another part of the town and it is home to a prominent Chinese community, and includes many examples of Chinese style architecture. The seven storey pagoda is a landmark in this part of the city.

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