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It's far too easy to let rubbish build up: a couple of "I'll do it tomorrow" days and before you know it, you're overrun. By the time you realise what's happened it's in such a state that the thought of dealing with it sends you into a panic. Don't let this happen to you; whether your pile is just getting started or is on the verge of taking over your home in Surbiton, let our KT6 waste removal experts to help you. At Handy Rubbish, we are experts in rubbish disposal in Surbiton, and with one quick call to 020 3540 8282 today your excess clutter can soon be a thing of the past, as can those panic attacks. So if you'd like to get rid of that clutter without spending tons call us today on 020 3540 8282 for your free estimate and get us on the case.

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It's not the most glamorous thing to deal with, but it can't be denied that rubbish needs disposing of. Often this can be dealt with by your local council services, but sometimes you just can't wait for your next bin day, and sometimes the waste you need to dump won't be accepted. When this happens it doesn't have to mean a never ending build up of junk or a stressful trip to the tip. With our premium rubbish removal service in Surbiton, KT6, it can simply be a case of calling us in, and the next day it's gone. That sounds much more appealing. At Handy Rubbish, we deal with all sorts of waste: we are certified experts in waste disposal KT6.

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It's no wonder that attics often end up as a dumping ground: all that space hidden away where no one can see it. A perfect place for all the stuff you don't have space for. Unfortunately, at some point that attic will need clearing out; and if that thought brings you out in a cold sweat, you need us. We can handle attic and Surbiton rubbish clearance tasks in KT5 and beyond. We take on all the hard work so you don't have to. We can dispose of your attic junk safely and responsibly, giving you back that extra space and taking some stress off your hands too. Whether you've got garden waste, household rubbish, builders waste or even a mixture of it all, we can help.

List of services we provide in Surbiton, KT6

    • Household Rubbish Clearance Surbiton, KT6
    • Commercial Rubbish Disposal Surbiton, KT6
    • Building Waste Removal Surbiton, KT6
    • Garden Rubbish Removal Surbiton, KT6
    • Electronic Waste Collection Surbiton, KT6
    • Garage Clearance Surbiton, KT6

The Most Cost-Effective Way to Deal with Waste Clearance in KT6

Garden rubbish can be some of the most annoying to deal with, it's dirty, smelly and sometimes a little dangerous. If you're not experienced in the removal of it, it can be a pretty onerous task. Fortunately, our team of experts are experienced in the art of garden waste clearance in KT6. So call us on 020 3540 8282 now and let us worry about the nasty bits, and rest assured that we will deal with your waste in a safe, responsible manner, as well as in a way that suits you. With us around, you never need to worry about garden waste clearance again. We offer a complete Surbiton waste collection service KT6 at excellent prices, making us the most cost-effective way to dump your junk. As we offer a comprehensive service, it's also the easiest way too.


TestimonialsAn old friend of mine recommended this Surbiton KT6 waste clearance service. I had a few things that needed to be cleared away, and they did exactly that. Great company.

  • Jules V.
  • 16Feb 2021

TestimonialsDue to the nature of the flat clearance job in Surbiton, I thought the service would cost me an arm and a leg. Handy Rubbish gave me a great quote though. I immediately accepted, and they proceeded to carry out exactly the service that I was after.

  • J. Miller
  • 07Jan 2021

TestimonialsIt just made sense to hire Handy Rubbish for garden waste removal purposes in Surbiton KT6. After the quote they gave me, there was no reason not to. They didn't disappoint on the day either, carried out a professional and thorough job.

  • Justin S
  • 11Nov 2020

TestimonialsIf I could give these guys 100 stars, I would. They did an excellent job with my waste removal. They are affordable and get the job done right the first time around. Hands down, the best waste clearance company in KT6.

  • Emma H.
  • 21Aug 2020

TestimonialsI am now living clutter-free thanks to Handy Rubbish's crack junk removal specialists from Surbiton.

  • Mark Draper
  • 07Aug 2020

TestimonialsThey are geniuses, still shocked with how much they did and within such a short time. Everyone in Surbiton KT6 needs to know about them.

  • Angel
  • 03Jan 2020

TestimonialsThey are the real maestros of junk removal in Surbiton KT6.

  • Rose
  • 28Oct 2019

TestimonialsBest Surbiton KT6 rubbish removal service that there is, highly recommend trying Handy Rubbish to move any unwanted junk.

  • Tanya U.
  • 31Jul 2019

TestimonialsReceived a very good service from Handy Rubbish today. They shifted my old furniture Surbiton effortlessly, and left the place looking spotless. Will certainly be using them again if I ever need a hand with junk removal.

  • G. Morris
  • 05Jun 2019

TestimonialsYou can trust these guys on your property, even if you're away. Used them before for garden waste clearance in Surbiton KT6 and will be using them again!

  • R. Snyder
  • 17May 2019

TestimonialsCost-effective, dependable and time-saving waste removal service in Surbiton KT6! Just as it should be!

  • Michael Keats
  • 21Dec 2016

kt5 furniture removal in surbitonSurbiton – what to do and where to go

A little way outside of Central London is the district of Surbiton, located in the borough of Kingston upon Thames. From KT5 to KT6, the area is particularly well known for its artistic history, having been the home to many famous literary and artistic talents such as Thomas Hardy, H.G Wells, and artist John Everett Millais. It continues to pursue an artistic feel with many art deco buildings, as well as classical architecture to explore and admire. Should one wish to explore further, there is a great train service from Surbiton Station directly into the heart of London, or get even further out with a trip to Surrey.

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