n15 junk collection in west greenThe sights and sounds of West Green

West Green is located in North London, in the Borough of Haringey. It lies north of Tottenham, near Horsey, Hangar Lane and Seven Sisters. Being as far north as it is means that it has not had the same arts and culture influx as its neighbouring areas, particularly Seven Sisters and Tottenham. These areas have had a revival in the swathes of young and art centric people moving out of areas like Shoreditch, Dalston and Hoxton because of rent increases. The area is documented in history as being urbanized in the 1800s, however, by a writer called Charlotte Riddell. The region is served by Turnpike Lane and Seven Sisters tube stations, which both allow fairly easy access to the city itself. The nearby area of Tottenham was subject to some of the worst effects of the rioting in 2013. The area has had a swift redevelopment, however, and West Green remains largely a very nice place to live.

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