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Any resident of Barnehurst that needs help with a rubbish disposal DA7 task can call upon Handy Rubbish's professional services to get the job done. We've assisted numerous homeowners within the area and our feedback has always been positive. Our generous prices have seen us become the go-to company for those looking for help with DA7 waste clearance chores, and no matter how messy or big the upheaval may be we will treat each job the same way – with efficiency and eyes on a fast clearance. Anyone living in Barnehurst, DA7 that has an unhealthy accumulation of rubbish, which needs shifting, can count on us to get it removed on time and recycled in all the appropriate ways. Give us a call at 020 3540 8282 to discuss more.

DA7 Waste Collection Company in Barnehurst

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Before any action is made we feel it's vitally important to understand exactly what it is you need. The size and complexity of the Barnehurst waste collection DA7 will have a bearing on prices and how many staff members we need to send out. Once all the requirements are established we will work with you to find the most suitable date and time to start the clearance. On the day of the waste disposal DA7 you will be met with well trained, polite and professional staff, which put customer care, hard work and efficiency at the top of their priority list. Once all the rubbish is removed from your property, Handy Rubbish will then drive it to our recycling partners who ensure that all waste is disposed of correctly.

Amazing Prices for Rubbish Disposal Tasks in Barnehurst, DA7

Although we are dealing with rubbish and something that the homeowner no longer wants, we still have to treat it with care and this means recycling in legitimate ways. We strongly believe that as an established Barnehurst waste removal company it is our duty to recycle all the waste collected appropriately, cutting no corners and leaving no mess lying around unattended. We have a great relationship with some of the most well recognised recycling companies and we are extremely grateful for the work they do which ensures our own DA7 rubbish removal business has a green and eco-friendly process. If you'd like to know more about this process call 020 3540 8282.

List of services we provide in Barnehurst, DA7

    • Household Rubbish Clearance Barnehurst, DA7
    • Commercial Rubbish Disposal Barnehurst, DA7
    • Building Waste Removal Barnehurst, DA7
    • Garden Rubbish Removal Barnehurst, DA7
    • Electronic Waste Collection Barnehurst, DA7
    • Garage Clearance Barnehurst, DA7

Rubbish Removal Service in Barnehurst at Competitive Prices

Despite glowing feedback and a quality service we felt it was important that our prices remained fair and competitive. Most rubbish clearance services in Barnehurst, DA7 cost an arm and a leg but we believe we've struck the perfect balance so that more of you can take advantage of our service. Although each job will have its own specific cost, we strongly feel every junk removal job we do offers great value for money. Ripping off residents is the last thing we want to do and we'd like to think our friendly and fair outlook means we are a welcoming choice for anyone on the hunt for rubbish disposal experts. Get in touch if you'd like to know more about our prices and availability; dial 020 3540 8282 now.


TestimonialsIt was tough to get rid of that armchair, as it had been in the family for so long. But sorry to say, the water damage was just too much for us. We booked this waste removal company in DA7 to take it off our hands, which they did, and all for a nominal fee.

  • B. Friderici
  • 21May 2021

TestimonialsI contacted Handy Rubbish after hearing about their builders waste collection service. I detailed my job in DA7 to them and discovered it was a far cheap alternative to skip hire. I made full use of their affordable services.

  • K. Hearn
  • 23Feb 2021

TestimonialsThe garden waste collection team that arrived to work on my job in Barnehurst were with it, were very on the ball! It resulted in speedy and efficient service.

  • Melina H.
  • 07Jan 2021

TestimonialsIt was easy to arrange the rubbish clearance service through their website. On the day, they arrived at my house in DA7 on time and everything went as arranged, according to plan. I just left them to it, and before I knew it, I was left with a junk-free property.

  • S. Harnet
  • 11Nov 2020

TestimonialsWaste disposal was made easy for me because luckily, I was able to call upon the expertise of Handy Rubbish. It was simply dealing with this company. After detailing the nature of my job to them, they came around to my house in Barnehurst and got right on the job. There was no dilly-dallying where they were concerned. Everything happened quickly, and they cleared away every last bit of junk, including the large and awkward to carry items of furniture.

  • I. Byers
  • 21Aug 2020

TestimonialsThese guys are great! They made junk removal a hassle-free experience, basically because they were the ones doing it! Thanks, you're welcome to my DA7 anytime!

  • Jamie O'Leary
  • 07Aug 2020

TestimonialsMy sister recommended this rubbish removal firm. They did a wonderful job at my property, and have some of the lowest prices in DA7. I will use them again.

  • Keith B.
  • 06Jan 2020

TestimonialsThis a great junk clearance company; that have done a few jobs for me. They do fine work and charge much less than other places I called in DA7.

  • Lola B.
  • 30Oct 2019

TestimonialsI only use these guys in DA7 for junk removal because they are always on time and friendly to me.

  • Helen Y.
  • 01Aug 2019

TestimonialsThe best Barnehurst DA7 junk removal service around, they always offer me great rates.

  • Karen L.
  • 01Aug 2019

TestimonialsOutstanding junk clearance crew in DA7, well worth the money. Will hire again.

  • Percy
  • 17May 2019

TestimonialsI want to thank their hard-working crew in DA7 for making my rubbish clearance job easy and hassle-free. They turned up on time and I left them to it; I was amazed when I returned a short time later to find that everything had already been taken care of. They're the most dependable company in Barnehurst!

  • Jerome Steel
  • 23Dec 2016

da7 domestic waste collection in barnehurstExploring Barnehurst

Situated in South East London, Barnehurst is part of the London Borough of Bexley. The area has key links to Bexleyheath, Crayford, Slade Green and Barnes Cray. Trains run from Charing Cross, Victoria or Cannon Street via Lewisham and Eltham. Buses are also available with further links to Sidcup and Thamesmead. The area itself is known for its history, including the Victorian building Red House and Eltham Palace, a medieval royal palace dating back to 1305. Most of the modern attractions are accessible whilst visiting neighbouring Bexleyheath; however you don't have to venture too far to find entertainment and things to do within the area.

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