cr0 home decluttering in beddingtonQuiet, picturesque... that's Beddington for you!

Beddington is a pretty settlement with a light population density. It’s in the London borough of Sutton, and on the boundary of the borough of Croydon. It features wide open spaces and boasts plenty of old fashioned architectural landmarks. There’s a lot to see here in Beddington, and it’s a pleasure to live here. The main attraction of Beddington is Beddington Park - a wide open space that in the long days past was a manor house belonging to the Carew family. A small part of this lives on as part of the building now forms the Carew Manor School. The buildings are a sight to behold, and a fine example of architectural marvels surviving the test of time. Beddington Park also contains a boating lake and a nature preserve. Beddington is a lightly populated area, as was mentioned, so there’s not much hustling and bustling. In terms of transport there are a few Transport for London buses though, so it’s not difficult to find a way to get from place to place. So Beddington - an area that contains both the SM6 and CR0 postcodes is a quiet and relaxing place to call home. One best suited for a retirement home, or just a town to unwind in. Either way, it is worth a look.

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