w3 residential rubbish collection in w13The Ealing Life

Ealing is a principal suburban district of west London as well as the administrative centre of the London Borough of Ealing. It is identified as one of the major metropolitian centre in the London Plan and is a significant commercial and retail area. Ealing is well-known for its film studios that happen to be the oldest in the world. These film studios were taken over by the BBC in 1955 and resulted in many large television programmes featuring Ealing as locations, including Doctor Who. Ealing has a good transport connection with Ealing Broadway station and the London Underground zone 3. It also has good bus routes including night buses as well, making Ealing easily accessible to many parts of the city at any time of day or night. Many known rock stars are associated with Ealing through performances or meetings there, including The Rolling Stones, The Who and Rod Stewart. In Ealing, both rugby and football are popular. Ealing also has a successful running club with Olympic members such as double Olympic champion Kelly Holmes. There are also successful cricket club and a Triathlon Club. Culturally, Ealing is a home to many annual festivals such as the Jazz Festival, the Blues festival and the Comedy festival. The Beer festival runs for three days during July and is coordinated by keen and interested volunteers.

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