e1 skip hire alternative in shadwellWhat to Expect in Shadwell

Shadwell is located in the East of London under the E1 area code. It is situated next to Wapping in the E1W area of London and Ratcliff. It is close to the district of Charing Cross. There are various places of interest in Shadwell, including the St. Paul’s Shadwell, which was rebuilt in 1669. The Brunel Museum is also close to Shadwell, 13 minutes from the station. There is also Spitalfields City Farm which is 15 minutes’ walk from the station. Other places of interest for both residents and visitors, include the Whitechapel Gallery, 13 minutes’ walk from Shadwell station and the famous Tower of London which is around 17 minutes’ walk away. Shadwell has a lot to offer in the local area and a short distance outwith. There are some notable personalities, who have spawned from the area of Shadwell, including trade union leader Bob Crow, critic Walter Pater and musician and writer, Jah Wobble.

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