w11 rubbish disposal in shepherds bushA Popular Place To Live In

When talking about areas of London, few can argue that Shepherd’s Bush doesn’t rank within such categories. The West London area is arguably the most key feature within the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. Even though it is primarily a residential region, it is also home to the largest urban shopping centre in Europe. Westfield Shopping Centre features everything from high fashion to a fully functioning IMAX cinema; there is no doubt that Westfield is a unique shopping experience. Outside of mainstream shopping, the area also features countless independent shops, it also is home to Loftus Road and Queens Park Rangers Football Club. The area is bordered by Hammersmith, Brook Green, Acton, Chiswick, meaning that further amenities aren’t too far from reach either, including London’s famous Hyde Park. Residentially speaking, Shepherd’s Bush offers properties both large and small, many of such properties are located either within the White City estate or around Shepherd’s Bush Green. If you are on the move or looking for somewhere new, and want somewhere that ticks all the boxes in the process, then Shepherd’s Bush is definitely an area worth looking at.

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