b75 home clearance company in b76Here are Some Tudor Hill Facts to Pique Your Interest

Tudor Hill is a suburb in the Birmingham town of Sutton Coldfield. It’s built on hilled land in the north-western part of Sutton Coldfield, and lies on the edge of Sutton Park. It’s part of five postcode districts (B72 to B76). The name may have come about due to the link between Sutton Coldfield’s’ hill lands and the Tudor King Henry VIII. Plants Brook is a stream that flows from Erdington, through Sutton Coldfield, and eventually exits into the North Sea. The Donkey Sanctuary Birmingham is a place of interest near Tudor Hill. This attraction is open 365 days a year and is home to about five-hundred donkeys and mules. Sutton Coldfield railway station is local to Tudor Hill as well, and connects the area to the rest of the West Midlands. The station is of Victorian architecture, complete with a red-bricked construction and elaborate pillars.

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