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Docklands is situated in the east and southeast area of London and is principally developed for commercial and residential use. The docks there were once part of the Port of London, being at one time the world’s largest port. Nowadays, it is home to Canary Wharf that is one of Europe’s biggest clusters of skyscrapers and a key financial leader in the city. The Docklands has become an area that is a major business center and an increasingly desirable place to live which has pushed up property prices. This has had a positive effect on surrounding neighbourhoods by encouraging their development in order to be more attractive in comparison to the bustling and desirable Docklands. The Docklands has a mix of luxury executive apartments and older public housing estates, showing a stark contrast in disparities. However, there are many plans of future developments that highlight the long-lasting success of the Docklands. The Docklands homes fancy restaurants and luxury bars, as well as traditional pubs, bars and takeaways. It is a popular place to go at night, attracting people from all over London that come to visit the selection of good night life. Transport links have become increasingly better over the years and offer easy access to all parts of London.

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