br6 regular rubbish removal in downeLiving in Downe

A south east London village located in the London Borough of Bromley, Downe lies in the postcode district of BR6 and is 14.2 miles south east of Charing Cross. The name Downe originally came from the Old English dun for hill, later known as down, hence the North and South Down.  Downe village was part of Kent until 1965 after which it was handed over to the new London Borough of Bromley. With weather-boarded cottages and brick and flint houses scattered in all directions, Downe remains a farming village till date, gaining most of its income from producing fruits and vegetables for the London markets. Charles Darwin spent the last 40 years of his life at Downe, where he completed most of his important works and there is now a nature reserve and a site of special scientific interest in Downe Bank to the south-east of his house. There are also a number of good schools in the area, outstanding among which are Farnborough and Keston Primary and Newstead Wood Secondary. Rail links to the village service from Charing Cross, Victoria and East Grinstead and there are also buses that connect Downe to Bromley and Orpington. Located on a hill, and away from the hub of the suburbs and motorways, London Downs provide perfect living for those who prefer a quiet lifestyle not too far from the city.

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