e10 commercial junk removal in hackney marshesLife on the Marshes...

Hackney Marshes is one of the largest areas of common ground in London, with three hundred and thirty six acres of protected common ground. This is mainly used as parkland, as much of the marshland has been renovated and drained since medieval times. It seems that there was once a large roman causeway or road across the marshes, became popular after the discovery of a great number of roman coins and artefacts in the area in 1774. The marshes are well-known for walks and nature, but they are much more popular for Sunday league amateur football, with the sportswear brand Nike even paying the Hackney council for the use of their logo; money which goes back in to the leagues and youth sports. Recently the area has been used by radio 1 for their ‘big weekend’ festival that celebrated the area, and the coming Olympic park. The marshes border on Hackney wick, as well as the Olympic park, near Stratford. The post code of the area is the East London ‘E’ code, with both E9 and E10 representing the area, though there is not a huge amount of residential building on the marshes themselves.

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