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Handy Rubbish are the people to trust when you are looking for a team to do your rubbish clearance in Hampton, TW12. We have an extensive team of house clearance professionals who will be ready to get your place looking clean and clear, just as you need it to be, so that you can reclaim the space in your home that you need. Get in touch with TW12 waste collection experts on 020 3540 8282 for an even better idea how we can give you back the space that you deserve!

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When you are looking for Hampton waste clearance professionals, you really need a crew who know what they are doing at all times, and in a variety of Hampton clearance situations. This really comes with experience, and you will no doubt find that we have this experience, as well as many happy customers, who can recommend us. Give us a call on 020 3540 8282 today for information on our Hampton, TW12 waste removal services.

Hampton Waste Removal Makes Your Life Easier

We can cater for a variety of different options, from garden clearance to flat clearance, and everything in between. This means that we can do a whole property, or just specific jobs, no matter what you need. You will find that there are many parts of the TW12 rubbish disposal Hampton process that you have never thought about previously and things can get difficult for you. Avoid this by having a team who really do know what they are doing.

List of services we provide in Hampton, Hampton

    • Household Rubbish Clearance Hampton, TW12
    • Commercial Rubbish Disposal Hampton, TW12
    • Building Waste Removal Hampton, TW12
    • Garden Rubbish Removal Hampton, TW12
    • Electronic Waste Collection Hampton, TW12
    • Garage Clearance Hampton, TW12

TW12 Rubbish Disposal For Easy Clearing

We can give you a better idea over the phone as to how we can help, as then we can deal with the specifics of your property rubbish removal TW12. This means that we need to know the nature of the job, as well as the size of it so that we can gauge how many people we need, and the amount of time that it will take. There may be need to visit the property, to ensure that you are getting the best quote possible, and this will ensure that there is no discrepancy between the cost of the job and the price that our Hampton waste disposal specialists suggest initially.


TestimonialsThe garden waste collection job in Hampton TW12 took place on time and was completed in less than half an hour. No one could've guessed that there'd been a mountain of garden waste in my garden just moments before!

  • F. Sterling
  • 11Jun 2021

TestimonialsTheir waste collection services are some of the least expensive in the entire area of Hampton. They do a great job as well.

  • Kendra Fulton
  • 13May 2021

TestimonialsI am building a new shed for the back garden of our Hampton flat. I hired this waste collection company to handle the builders waste clearance. They were affordable and did a good job. I'd use them again.

  • George Farmer
  • 01Feb 2021

TestimonialsHandy Rubbish was swift when moving things out of my loft, down the stairs and into their van during the loft clearance project in Hampton. Everything was professionally carried out too.

  • F. Roy
  • 01Dec 2020

TestimonialsI hired Handy Rubbish for garden waste removal in Hampton TW12. The service was carried out quickly, and surprisingly, considering all of the hard work they did, everything they managed to achieve, it was cheap too.

  • Lucy H
  • 22Oct 2020

TestimonialsI have used some of the other Hampton rubbish removal companies before, and none come even close to comparing to these wonderful blokes. They were absolute professionals and were very helpful. I will be recommending their services to all of my friends.

  • Sarah G.
  • 14May 2020

TestimonialsIt is not easy to let strangers into your safe space, but after you meet the crew from TW12 rubbish Clearance Company, all that fades away. They have a certain calmness that keeps you at ease.

  • George
  • 04Feb 2020

TestimonialsAfter renovating my kitchen, I called Handy Rubbish for a builder's waste removal. They were quick to respond, and I was equally pleased by the services. Keep up the amazing job.

  • Power
  • 15Nov 2019

TestimonialsThe rubbish clearance crew were kind, hard-working, and remained in good spirits despite the large mound of junk that they had to contend with. I will be using this Hampton service again.

  • Lucy E.
  • 05Sep 2019

TestimonialsOutstanding job by Handy Rubbish. If we could get the same people again next time to do junk removal in Hampton that would be great.

  • Hannah
  • 26Jul 2019

TestimonialsThey arranged everything well and did rubbish clearance in Hampton according to specification. They know the importance of time and strive to satisfy you. I think they are simply the best.

  • Frances
  • 30May 2019

TestimonialsWe score them high when it comes to waste collection. Handy Rubbish is the best we have engaged in the past and we shall continue to use them in Hampton.

  • Jessica
  • 13Feb 2019

TestimonialsThe rubbish disposal team in TW12 were just amazing! Called them yesterday, they provided a same day service in Hampton and charged me a low price. Great company!

  • Owen Richards
  • 15Dec 2016

tw12 waste removal companies in hamptonVillage Life

Hampton is an area in the south west of the Greater London area, and is based around a village settlement, meaning that in the heart of the area is a quaint older area. This is naturally very attractive to residents and those moving in who want a beautiful place to live, and its proximity to London itself means that this is an area rip for commuting to the city. The area has one of the few remaining public heated open air swimming pools in the city, and with so much of the area adjacent to the river, there is a watery theme throughout the area. Much of the old buildings along the river Thames are still there, like in nearby Kingston upon Thames and Richmond, and they form great points of historical interest. Garrick house and its adjoining Shakespeare’s temple are great examples of this, and are well worth a visit. Whilst the area lies in the Borough of Richmond, the actual post code is the ‘TW’ region, denoting proximity to Twickenham, which fans of international Rugby will be pleased by, given the stadium being so nearby.

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