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Handy Rubbish whistles a happy tune while we rid the streets of Perry Beeches of extraneous rubbish. Our cheerful Perry Beeches rubbish removal firm is a welcome sight as we deftly remove waste from every corner. Our state-of-the-art fleet of vans effortlessly transport rubbish from people’s homes, gardens and offices without fuss or fanfare. Our team of dedicated experts simply get on with the job and leave a clutter-free property. Perry Beeches rubbish clearance B42 is a mucky job but we enjoy getting our hands dirty. The bigger the mess, the greater the challenge and the more our skilled operatives thrive on the effort it takes to rid an area of waste.

Rubbish Disposal in Perry Beeches

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It’s green all the way for Handy Rubbish with an eco-friendly policy designed in line with strict industry guidelines. Our B42 based firm pulls no punches when it comes to recycling. We have embedded this as part of our daily Perry Beeches B42 waste clearance operations and aim to recycle as many materials as we possibly can. Waste separation is taken extremely seriously by all the staff here, and as such, together they manage to recycle a large proportion of all waste collected. All waste collection Perry Beeches are carried out meticulously so that nothing is overlooked or is sent to the wrong recycling plant. Customers who want to learn more about our green approach are invited to contact us anytime on 0121 794 8242.

The Streets are Clean Thanks to our Rubbish Disposal Company in Perry Beeches

Time and money are precious commodities in the modern world and are things which many homeowners are short of. Our rubbish disposal B42 firm promises to save you both, with no hidden extras lurking in the small print! We run an honest business where upfront costs are presented clearly. As well as saving you time and money, waste removal Perry Beeches B42 will also give you valuable space and clutter-free property. Call today on 0121 794 8242 and discover the many benefits of inviting our team into your home and garden. See your property in a new light and fall in love with your home again.

List of services we provide in Perry Beeches, B42

  • Household Rubbish Clearance Perry Beeches, B42
  • Commercial Rubbish Disposal Perry Beeches, B42
  • Building Waste Removal Perry Beeches, B42
  • Garden Rubbish Removal Perry Beeches, B42
  • Electronic Waste Collection Perry Beeches, B42
  • Garage Clearance Perry Beeches, B42

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Keep us in your address book so you are only ever being a phone call away from a trusty Perry Beeches waste disposal expert. You never know when you might need our help as rubbish disposal jobs are not always foreseen or can be planned in advance. For example, severe weather may cause large trees to collapse, roof titles to fall off, windows to be smashed, or flooding wreaking havoc in an unsuspecting home. An unexpected fire and theft can also leave homes with extraneous rubbish. Large quantities of waste or specialist materials aren’t suitable for the everyday household recycling and garbage bins. That’s when a company like ours can lend a much needed helping hand. Hire us for rubbish clearance and you will be amazed at the great result and the low price you will pay! Book now!


The waste disposal service in Perry Beeches was excellent! The team arrived in B42 and quickly collected my rubbish. The price was fair and I am glad I chose them!

- Reviewed by L. Southern

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Perry Beeches is an area in the Birmingham district of Great Barr. It has its past in agriculture, but around the time of the Second World War was developed with houses to become a suburban district. The housing was expanded upon by builder Henry Boot. Many of the houses still display the original floor plan. The houses were identical in design, with each sporting a wooden door and cream painted windows. The area is now home to many residents, and with the M6 dissecting through, it provides good transport links in and out for commuters. Perry Beeches the Academy is located in the area.

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